What are we, LSU fans?

Posted on October 25, 2010


Whoa now, settle down Who Dats. The Saints are 4-3 but I wouldn’t blame an outsider for thinking the Black & Gold were 1-6.

Listen, I cheer for LSU, they’re a Louisiana team and they get the Bayou State a lot of positive coverage. I’m not however, a LSU maniac, like I know so many to be, particularly alumni. The negative press heaped on the head coach, whoever that might be, has always amazed me. For example, look no further than the evisceration of poor Les Miles currently underway. They were screaming for his head BEFORE the Tigers lost their 8th game of the season, a close one to undefeated  Auburn this weekend. LSU dropped to 7-1 and from 7 to 14 in the national rankings. The press and Tiger ‘faithful’ wanted to run Coach Miles outta town when LSU was rated #7 and hadn’t lost a game! They may try and lynch him later today for all I know.

Thats why similar stories popping up in the sports pages and online about my beloved Saints have irked me today. Don’t dog our coach, don’t bash our quarterback fans. We’ve been in the doghouse, we’ve been as low on the Totem pole as possible. Saint fans invented the bag on your head for God’s sake!

And now we’ve been to the promised land, we’ve crossed the river Jordan, we have my Who Dat brothers and sisters, a Lombardi Trophy. So lets can the comparisons to past coaches and losing seasons shall we? Give Sean and Drew a chance before we break out the bags again. We’re 4-3, and there is a whole lot of season left. C’mon Who Dats, don’t throw in the towel just yet.

Thats what LSU fans do. I ask you, are we not better than that?

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