Who I Gotta Murder For Some Potatoes Round Here?

Posted on January 25, 2012


From Wikipedia:

Funeral potatoes are a traditional Latter-day Saint (Mormon) casserole dish, that originated in Utah, United States.

A cold description for a truly delightful dish.

Also known as Cheesy Potato Casserole, this carbohydrate bomb consists of hash browns, cream-of-chicken soup, butter, onions, cheese & sour cream. It’s topped with crushed corn flakes and when executed correctly, is damn delicious.

Such a decadent dish deserves better.

Today I’m officially calling for a moratorium on the use of the term ‘Funeral Potatoes’.

I’m not heartless, I will grant ‘waivers’ for funerals if the deceased party has died from a heart attack due to obesity or diabetes due to a poor diet.

In other words, if the ‘Cheesy Potato Casserole’ and similar dishes, southern fried smothered pork chops or triple bacon cheeseburgers for instance, contributed to the death, then yes, ‘Funeral Potatoes’ is acceptable.

But if drunk Uncle Jim wrapped his pickup around a telephone pole on the way home from the local watering hole, or Aunt Jane kicks the bucket and the cause of death is a brain eating virus she caught from her home-made Nettie Pot or just say, Cousin John accidentally offs himself practicing auto-erotic asphyxiation, lets not add insult to injury by naming the funeral dishes brought in for the bereaved.  

Because something that looks like this and makes your tastebuds feel so alive –

Shouldn’t be named after a ceremony for the dead.

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