Winter Yard Work

Posted on February 13, 2012


Ohhh… I wish I was in the land of cotton

Wintertime there has been forgotten…

You know, winter in the deep south has never been much to write home about but with the exception of a few days scattered here and there, the last few years it seems like winter has been canceled.

Last year I was amazed to see roses in full bloom in January and this year I saw the same thing.

I watched with mild amazement as my grass started to grow last month, my yard appears to believe that spring has sprung.

Mosquitoes and June bugs are outside my front door buzzing around the porch light when I come home every night, heck, I’ve even worn shorts and sandals to work recently, in January no less!

I’ve got mixed feelings on the milder-than-usual winter.

On the one hand, I’m not a fan of cold weather, the temp gets below ’45 and my joints start to ache, I guess that comes with getting older, at any rate, I’m not a fan. So my old body welcomes warm weather.

But, this decade it sure does seem like summer has picked up winter’s slack.

For the reasons I noted above I’m normally not one to complain about hot weather, but after summer 2011 with its weeks of 100′ temps, I had to admit, the first few cool days we experienced last fall were quite nice.

I noticed on the Secretary of State’s twitter feed an interesting historical note: On this day in 1899 we had the coldest temp ever in recorded in the Bayou State – 16′.

One day we may have to tell our children about winter, show them pictures of snow and tell them about the season we once referred to as winter.

Gone away… gone away… gone away… Winterland.

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