Busted: The Liberal Media Myth

Posted on April 5, 2012


I have to tell you something about the liberal media. There is no such thing. And if there is, could someone please explain to me what exactly it is?

I started listening to Rush Limbaugh twenty years ago this summer and his rants about the so-called ‘Liberal Media’ were a wonder to my 22 year old ears.

Could Walter Cronkite, my boyhood hero, actually be a communist? Rush said so.

He also re-dubbed CNN the ‘Clinton News Network’ and made The New York Times out to be a propaganda machine on par with Pravda, the media wing of the USSR.

Conservatives quickly picked up their unofficial leader’s battle cry and today we hear echoes of Rush’s early days when Governor Sarah Palin whines about her treatment by the ‘lame-stream’ press.

So when Palin played guest host on the morning mother-ship of the liberal press, the Today Show on NBC, joking that she was ‘infiltrating’ at an alleged ‘liberal media’ outlet, I decided to see who exactly was watching what when it comes to national TV & radio news these days.

See, the ‘liberal media’ slurs leaves one with the impression that conservative voices are being overwhelmed by liberal counterparts and their co-conspirators in the TV and radio industry.

That is exactly the intent, to divide, to promote the ‘conservatives are under siege’ notion, don’t be fooled by the liberal, lame-stream media, they’re not ‘real’ Americans, Palin, Romney, Hannity, O’Reilly and the others tell us, CBS, NBC and ABC are all promoting their radical, secular agenda!

It’s a classic conservative battle cry.

Its a complete and utter fantasy, one that half of America now buys into, mainly because conservative pundits and pols have been beating that dead horse for so long.

It’s a myth, as real as Santa Clause, Sasquatch and Kim Kardashian romances.

How did I reach this conclusion? Simple. I looked up the ratings.

If you combined all of MSNBC & CNN’s viewers, the numbers wouldn’t even add up to half of FOX News’ totals.

FOX News completely dominates the cable news world.

Conservatives radio shows own the radio waves. They own them, up and down the AM & FM dial conservative talk radio has an even bigger piece of the audience pie than their counterparts on FOX News.

The numbers don’t lie, conservatives utterly dominate the media.

NBC, CBS and ABC have seen their audience shares dwindle for over twenty years. Ask yourself, when was the last time you watched national news at 5:30?

As I recalled my early days of listening to Rush, I had to wonder, why don’t conservatives crow more about their triumph over ‘liberal, lame-stream media’?

Then I remembered how much conservatives like to play the victim.

If the ‘liberal media’ was a myth, if conservatives rule the media world, their victim narrative wouldn’t play anymore.

And if so-called liberals and elites weren’t perceived as ruling the media world, then conservatives would lose a tremendous advantage.

Liberal media is a canard, a fantasy, a make believe enemy that keeps the average American from realizing a simple truth; conservative Republicans have dominated our media and our politics for decades.

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