Well, They Don’t Want You Anyway…

Posted on April 6, 2012


The Augusta National Golf Club Welcomes You To The Masters.

“Why would you want to join a club when the majority of members don’t want you there?” – Monroe talk radio host

This query was offered on a program I listened to yesterday morning.

Actually, it was more of like an observation posing as a question, at least it sounded that way to me.

It’s an annual national argument, the Augusta National Golf Club, home of the PGA’s Masters Tournament doesn’t admit women, no girls allowed, they’re sorta like the Little Rascals He-Man Woman Haters Club I guess.

This being a election year the annual argument is attracting even more attention than usual.

I think excluding women is dumb but Augusta National is a private club, its their choice and through the years, despite enormous pressure from a variety of sources, they’ve made their position quite clear; they’ll change their policy and admit women when they’re damn good and ready and not one minute before.

“Why would you want to join a club that didn’t want you?”, the radio host on my AM dial asked, ‘Heck, I sure wouldn’t want to be a member of club that didn’t want me.”

When I heard that I couldn’t help but wonder how many times that argument was used by segregationist not too long ago.

“Why would black kids want to go to school with people who didn’t want them there?”

“Why would you want to join a club when the majority of members don’t want you there?”

Were he black, or a woman, I suspect my local talk radio host would know the answer to that question.

He’d also understand why so many find segregation, for race, gender or sexual orientation so offensive.


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