Clarifying A Few Things

Posted on April 9, 2012


1) Gas Prices Bush VS Obama:

The reason the so-called liberal media and Democrats aren’t blaming President Obama for gas prices is quite simple; oil was $35 a barrel in March 2003 when the Iraq War began.

It skyrocketed for years (until the global economy collapsed in 2008 and the Great Recession began) and oil industry speculators blamed the Iraq War for almost every single increase.

President Obama didn’t start a war in the most unstable region of the planet (a war based on, best case, a mistake, worst case, an outright lie).

That is the difference.

2) Why President Obama and the ‘lamestream media’ aren’t giving equal attention to white murder victims as opposed to the Trayvon Martin case:

This one baffles me, it truly does.

If someone has been arrested for the crime(s) how do you compare it to the Trayvon Martin murder?

He was killed in February. His murderer walked away with his gun, still has it.

He followed Trayvon after a 911 operator expressly forbid him from doing so, he called 911 forty six (46) times since 2004.

Pretty simple to put that in perspective, how many times have you called 911?

3) The gub’mint is coming for your guns:

I have several friends who sincerely believe I’m wrong on this.

The fact that their arsenals keep getting bigger and more elaborate seems to make my point for me.

I’m fairly certain that at some point in the near future one of those friends will show me his or her surplus assault tank, F-14 fighter jet and/or a nuclear warhead.

They need those things, you see the founding fathers intended for them to have them and besides, the US Government will be sending in Swiss & French UN troops to disarm them any day now.

The National Rifle Association was once a great American institution.

No more, today its a propaganda/fund raising apparatus for the Republican party masquerading as a great American institution.

4) If the US Government’s debt bothers you when a Democrat is president, it must cause you equal distress when a Republican is president. And visa-versa.

And if it truly bothers you then place the blame where it belongs – Ronald Reagan, he was the first modern American president to raid the treasury and leave America’s check account deep in the red, it took a democrat named Bill Clinton to fix it.

Then we elected another conservative, who promptly emptied the nation’s coffers just like his republican predecessors did.

So please, spare me your ‘Miss me yet?’ George W Bush bumperstickers and facebook posts.

The truth is, the American government’s debts mean as much to the average Joe/Jane as next Thursday’s weather forecast for Mars. Absolutely nothing.

“The debt doesn’t matter, Reagan proved that.” – Vice President Dick Cheney (R)


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