Goin’ Quackers For Duck Dynasty!

Posted on April 18, 2012


The Robertson Family from TV's Duck Dynasty

A northeast Louisiana clan has cast a spell over the nation; America has fallen in love with a West Monroe redneck family.

Duck Dynasty is a reality TV show centered around the Robertson family and their multimillion dollar ‘Duck Commander’ business.

A homegrown mom-and-pop shop, Duck Commander became a hunting empire peddling hand-made duck calls and decoys made from salvaged swamp wood.

They’re already rock stars in the hunting industry, now the Roberston gang is finding worldwide fame in non hunting circles through a television show on the A&E Network.

I have to confess, when I heard about Duck Dynasty I cringed at the thought of northeast Louisiana on reality TV.

‘Hollywood is gonna make us look like a bunch of inbred, racist idiots’, I told my wife Amy.

Well, now I’ve watched the first six episodes of Duck Dynasty and I’m pleased to admit, I was dead wrong.

The Robertson Family have represented northeast Louisiana and their fellow citizens well and if preliminary ratings, online buzz and appearances on The Soup and Conan O’Brien are accurate, Duck Dynasty is a genuine hit.  

Some highlights for me include the scenes with the Duck Commander himself, Robertson patriarch Phil interacting with his grandchildren.

Its nice to see kids out in the great outdoors, too many reality TV teens are portrayed as (and most likely are) spoiled little snots.

The Robertson kids aren’t (or at least their raisin’ has been good enough that they’ve got the good manners to hide it), they’re well mannered and respectful, it was downright refreshing to watch Phil supervise them clearing brush for a football field, I was reminded not all ‘rich kids’ are jackasses.

Using crawfish, Phil explains the birds and the bees to his grandson John Luke “Crawfish have ding-dongs and vaginas”, he explains.

Hunting and eating aren’t the only activities the Robertson Family bonds over, they also enjoy explosions and unorthodox construction jobs.

The former; we’ve seen the family gleefully blow up a beaver dam and a decrepit duck blind and trust me, I have this on good authority, making things explode is what redneck spirits do in heaven.

The latter; Jase Robertson and co-workers at the Duck Commander warehouse in Monroe seem to do everything; everything that is except actually manufacture duck calls.

So far we’ve seen them construct a duck pond in a loading bay, redneck engineer an assembly line and my personal favorite, slap an office together in a couple of hours (older brother Willie, CEO of Duck Commander has the office hauled away on a flatbed truck a few hours after completion).

Hands down though, the best example of redneck construction has to be the RV duck blind.

After blowing up an ancient, falling-down, snake infested duck blind, Phil decides to replace it with an old travel trailer.

After hiring a construction crew (“It’s good to be a millionaire redneck”, Willie observes) to build a trailer pad thirty feet off the ground, the Robertson men watch with undisguised glee as a crane lifts the RV off the ground transforming a travel trailer into a luxury duck blind.

Food is a recurring theme on Duck Dynasty, we’ve seen the gang chow down on crawfish, frog legs, whole pork, homemade banana pudding, bisquits and matriarch Ms Kay’s specialty; fried squirrel brains.

Each episode ends with a shot of the Roberston family gathered around a loaded dinner table with Phil leading the ‘blessing’ as Willie relates a ‘lesson learned’ from that week’s episode.

If you haven’t watched Duck Dynasty on A&E you’re missing out, new episodes air every Wednesday night.

Just once and I’ll guarantee; Duck Dynasty will quickly become like a ‘quack’ addiction to you.

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