Never Forget My A$$…

Posted on September 11, 2012


As I peruse social media on this eleventh anniversary of  9/11 I can’t help but notice posts like this one choking my feed –

And these –

America, you’re lying.

When the incumbent president mentions Afghanistan twice, literally, two short sentences on America’s LONGEST WAR – in his convention acceptance speech, then the GOP candidate doesn’t even bother to mention Afghanistan EVEN ONCE, not even one time in his convention acceptance speech, you better believe we’ve forgotten.

When we hear Democrats and Republicans alike – screeching about America’s debt and blaming unfortunate Americans who utilize unemployment benefits, welfare or food stamps while ignoring the TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars we’ve spent in Afghanistan and Iraq, the billions of American dollars we send to Israel, Pakistan and Egypt, by-God you can bank on it; we’ve damn sure forgot.

When we sit on our ever-widening butts for over 10 years as thousands upon thousands of flag draped coffins return from never ending wars in the Middle East, the land that invented never-ending wars, make no mistake my fellow Americans – we’ve forgotten.

So re-post your patriotic memes and cute little patriotic j.pegs on Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr and all the rest.

Berate the whiny-blame-America liberals or scream at war-mongering conservatives.

Blame Bush. Or blame Obama.

But make no mistake America, ‘9-11 Never Forget’ is simply an empty platitude, we all forgot a long time ago, we just pretend to wake up and remember every 9/11.

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