Back to the Future (Confederate Edition)

Posted on November 15, 2012


After hearing Texas governor Rick Perry flirting with secessionist during his unsuccessful bid for the Republican presidential nomination last year I made a prediction to my wife and a few others:

‘If Barack Obama is reelected, this secessionist thing will take off like gangbusters”.

Call me Nostradamus.

Now here is another prediction:

As the GOP line of ‘We lost the presidential election because 1/2 of Americans are getting some form of government welfare’ takes hold – there will be calls for poll tests.

Getting government assistance, welfare, food stamps, unemployment benefits?

You shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

You’ll only support the candidate who wants to give you more taxpayer supplied free stuff.

Work for the government, a police officer, firefighter, teacher, garbageman, etc?

No vote for you, you’d just vote for more government.

And why should people who don’t own property be allowed to vote on property taxes?

Or any kind of taxes for that matter?

I mean gosh, only 53% of Americans pay federal income taxes, they should have more of a say, more influence when it comes to taxes am I right?

Why, it’s not fair, those lazy 47%ers are getting representation without taxation!

It comes down to one thing; worth.

Today, smarting from President Obama’s reelection last week, an event that FOX News and talk radio and the Tea Party told them would be impossible, conservatives seem to be asking if some votes should be counted, lets say… more than others.

Seems like we’ve seen this before…

So, what is your vote worth?


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