Facebook Big Brothers Marriage

Posted on November 20, 2012


My wife pointed out the creepiest thing on facebook to me.

We are listed as married and a link to the others facebook page exists on our respective pages but… if you click the MARRIED link on our page you’re taken to another, completely different facebook page.

It’s a really neat page, has all the posts where one of us has tagged the other and all the subsequent comments, all the pictures we’re tagged in are displayed in albums and our married facebook page shows even lists the events the two of us have attended together.

It has a profile pic (both of the profile pics from our respective pages side-by-side) and a cover photo.

It shows the now infamous and dreaded (cue some evil music, maybe Darth Vader’s drumbeat or the satanic chorus from The Omen) facebook ‘TIMELINE’, our starts on our wedding date 10/26/08.

Its a little bland, but all in all, a lovely little digital representation of our relationship.

We had no idea it was there till my wife clicked on the ‘Married’ link beside my (also linked) name on her facebook page.

I’d seen the ‘Married’ link before but I’d just assumed it linked to her page and visa-verse.

But you don’t need a ring on it to get the facebook relationship page, you just have to be in a relationship.

Go ahead, check and see, I’ll wait here, take your time.

See? Creepy huh?

When my wife said facebook was transforming into a real life version of Orwell’s Big Brother I thought she may be overreacting, but now…

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