That’s Mighty White of Ya…

Posted on December 4, 2012


That’s what someone said to me recently.

“No offense”,  they added to the black person who happened to overhear our conversation.

Laughing, the black person just said, “Oh, don’t worry, none taken”.

I was shocked.

No, I wasn’t, I was saddened but hardly shocked.

I’m almost 43 years old and I’ve lived in the deep South my whole life, I doubt anyone with a similar background would have been shocked either.

‘Mighty white of ya…” What an ugly term.

No offense, I’m just making a joke about how whites are capable of acts of largesse and non-whites are not.

No offense.

I felt ugly, ashamed because I said nothing, just went along.

No offense taken.

I was reminded of that recent episode when I saw this in my local daily paper this morning –

Excerpts from an article by Barbara Leader, published in The News Star 12/4/12, entire article available @

MCSB member accused of using racial slurs

Allegations of a board member involved in a phone conversation referring to Monroe City School Board members or district employees as “niggers” had board member Rodney McFarland hurrying back from a business meeting in Jackson, Miss., late Monday to listen to a recording.

McFarland said the phone call in question originated from board member Vickie Krutzer’s home phone.

Krutzer confirmed she was called to a central office meeting Monday morning with board president Verbon Muhammad, vice president Mickey Traweek, interim superintendent Derenda Flowers and board attorney Doug Lawrence where she was confronted with allegations against her relating to a recorded conversation over a phone line.

“It was alleged through a phone message, a recorded message without my permission, that racial slurs were made, not by me,” she said. “I made no racial slurs.”

She said she believes the allegations against her are retribution for her continued efforts to bring about full disclosure of the district’s distribution of sales tax funds.

Late Monday, McFarland had not heard the tape but was trying to reach Muhammad so he could listen to the message.

He said it was his understanding that “there was a conversation where it was said, ‘Do any of those niggers have an IQ above 10?’ and something like, ‘any committee that McFarland is over is crazy.”

McFarland said it appeared a phone call was made to the central office from Krutzer’s house and an employee’s voice mail picked up a conversation that took place after the caller thought the phone was disconnected.

This is not the first time that Krutzer’s name has been linked with racial allegations.

Last year an email sent by Krutzer to board members Vickie Dayton and Mickey Traweek generated concern from board members about her intent.

The email was at the bottom of a chain of emails sent to the district’s central office and referred to issues with the district’s transportation department.

“Why not call in a provider and get their cost,” Krutzer’s email said. “The Dept. is almost all minority now. We had nothing but headaches from them.”

At that time, McFarland said there is no doubt what Krutzer meant.

“It would have been OK if she had just said there are headaches with the department,” he said. “But when she used the word minority, that means she is very much talking about black folks.”

Black Versus White.  It’s something we can’t seem to get past here in Louisiana, anyone recall the Jena 6?

How about Jefferson Parish school psychologist Mark Traina who, this past May (just in time for summer vacation!) tweeted –

‘Young Black Thugs who won’t follow the law need to be put down not incarcerated. Put down like the Dogs they are!

A public school psychologist said this!

Not the flippin’ gym teacher, not a substitute teacher, not the lunch lady, this was the SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST!

In 2008 a dead racoon was discovered in a hangman’s noose flying from the flag pole at a junior high school in Beekman, La.

Three men were arrested, from Justice dot gov:

On Aug. 12, 2011, defendant Tony L Johnson pleaded guilty to intentionally attempting to intimidate and interfere with African-American students who were attending Beekman Junior High School.    Brothers Brian Wallis, 21, and James Lee Wallis Jr., 25, pleaded guilty to the same offense on Sept. 2, 2011.  

During their respective plea hearings, all three defendants admitted that they hung a dead raccoon in a noose from a flagpole located in front of Beekman Junior High School.  

They each further admitted that they were angered by the school’s new busing policy, which had increased the number of African-American children attending the school, and that they wanted to scare the African-American children into leaving the school.  

Want more? No problem –

“I’m not a racist. I just don’t believe in mixing the races that way.”

Tangipahoa Parish Justice of the Peace Keith Bardwell after he refused to issue a marriage license to an interracial couple in 2010.

We haven’t come all that far since David Duke, former KKK Grand Wizard almost won the state’s highest office in 1991.

Come to think of it, ‘come that far’ may be overly optimistic, maybe we’ve gone back…

‘That’s mighty white of you’, someone said to me recently… and I said nothing.




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