Bobby J & the Silky Pig

Posted on January 24, 2013


The headline speaks volumes doesn’t it?

‘Bobby Jindal speaking truth to GOP power’

Here is the article if you’re interested.

Basically the article praises Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal for not being a psychopath ala Michelle Bachmann or Todd Akin or Donald Trump.

That’s well and good, I’m truly glad and very thankful my governor doesn’t believe all democrats are communist, that the vagina can repel rape sperm or that the president is secretly a Kenyan.

But Governor Jindal and his team have proven themselves to be masters of ‘rebranding’.

That’s why Jindal’s tenure has been more of the same old, same old, tax cuts for the rich, dismantling the state’s public education and health care systems, etc – yet he has been hailed as a visionary, the future of the Republican party.

Truth is, he is a hard right partisan who has demonstrated time and again his eager willingness to toss Louisiana citizens under the bus to please the GOP, witness his refusal to implement Obamacare for his state’s least fortunate citizens, just one of many examples.

Governor Bobby Jindal has expanded and privatized a prison system that some characterize as modern day slavery – as he auctions off the state’s charity hospitals like gangbusters.

He has pulled thousands of Louisiana students from public schools in order to send them to private schools and the sent Louisiana taxpayers the tuition bill.

Governor Jindal consulted a few marketing professionals, renamed and repackaged the same old plan conservatives have been peddling for years and voila, a tired old sow’s ear suddenly becomes a silk purse.

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