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Posted on February 14, 2013


I’ve been woodburning (pyrography) for a little over two years and after recreating pictures and signs recently I branched out into boxes.

S box3

This was my first box, I bought it at Hobby Lobby for $6.99

S box1

One thing I learned midway thru (and too late for this box), take off the hinges.
Yes, I realize most of you are thinking DUH.
Well I wasn’t but I’m learning, I can be taught!

S box14

I love the lines and the way Celtic designs flow.

S box15

Yes I realize it looks like Optimus Prime, that wasn’t intentional.

S box21

So here is the box lid completed. I applied several coats of stain and then Modge Podge gloss.

S box20

I like the imperfections, I wanted this box to look old and almost battered.

S box25

Another view. One thing I like about Celtic designs, they’re versatile. You can use an entire piece of pick and choose bits of a certain design, as a stand alone or to ‘fit’ or incorporate them with another design.

S box24

As I was working of the front one of our dogs, Ringo was hurt in an accident and we had to put him to sleep, it was very sad for the family but Ringo provided some inspiration for my first box, the Celtic dog is a tribute to him.

AnB Box2

This is a small box I gave my neighbors Bennie and Alice for Christmas. I think the ‘treasure chest’ style of boxes are my favorite, again I wanted to make this box look old. Instead of stain I mixed a tiny, tiny brown with a Modge Podge matte.

AnB Box3

A view of the back of the box, the grooves make it tougher to burn and detail but its worth it.

AnB Box4

Celtic Letters are very cool, I framed this B with a chain, did the same with the A on the opposite side.


The finished box before I presented it to Alice and Benny.

Up next : Gourds!

This is my first pyrography blog from January 31 2012 –

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