JindalCare Update & David V Barack

Posted on March 8, 2013


From KNOE dot com – Louisiana Senator David Vitter has introduced several pieces of new legislation, and in one of them, he is ready to go toe-to-toe with President Obama. Vitter, along with Texas Senator Ted Cruz, will call for a complete repeal of the medical mandates passed three years ago.

I have to wonder, how concerned is Louisiana’s Jr. Senator for the citizens he represents?  Particularly, folks like me, the working poor who rely on Louisiana’s charity hospitals.

For instance, I wonder if Senator Vitter is bothered by this – From MyArkLaMiss dot com – The future of EA Conway Hospital was the topic of a community meeting Thursday night in Monroe.  State Representative Katrina Jackson was on hand to take questions from audience members and talk about funding for the hospital. Right now in Governor Jindal’s proposed budget, EA Conway is on only funded for the first three months of the upcoming fiscal year.

Surely the fate of northeast Louisiana citizens is a concern to Senator Vitter, I’m sure he knows we have some of the highest poverty rates in the nation, right?

Obviously the rising costs of healthcare are a concern to him, From KNOE dot comVitter says that costs for medical care continues to climb, and rather than waiting on healthcare to level out, he suggests completely repealing the law so that the federal government is not holding the growing price tag.

But maybe the good senator is taking the long view, taking his cues from our wise governor. After all, the health care of several hundred thousand Louisianians pales when one compares it to the burdens Obamacare will place on American corporations and job creators. That’s why Bobby Jindal is bravely rejecting Medicare dollars for Louisiana’s working poor, the governor says the federal government can’t afford it.

Those of you accusing the governor of putting his presidential career plans ahead of the health and welfare of the folks who elected him (and the infinitesimal % who voted for the other guy in ’07 & ’11) clearly just aren’t seeing the big picture. 

Budgets over bodies, that’s Bobby’s motto.

Fiscal responsibility in Bobby Jindal’s Louisiana means rejecting Medicare for Louisianians because picking up 10% of the tab in 2016 is too much but funding the region’s only charity hospital for three months, just long enough to give it away, makes perfect sense.

Give away what’s left of it anyway.

Under Governor Bobby Jindal EA Conway has been cut to the bone, mass layoffs have occurred, services are being slashed and employees are waiting for the next shoe to drop. I know this because EA Conway is my doctor’s office, I can’t afford the health insurance offered by my employer so whenever I’m forced to seek medical care, the emergency room at EA Conway is my destination.

And I was sick recently, so I took a day off work and while I was receiving excellent and mercifully free healthcare, I asked the doctors and nurses and even the clerks what the budget cuts and threats of closure and stress of layoff had meant to EA Conway.

You don’t wanna know what they said.

But I sure do wish Governor Jindal & Senator Vitter could hear it.

I don’t think they’d care, I don’t think they’d change their strategy and stand up for the Louisianians who elected them (and those of us who voted for the other guys too) but still, I’d like them both to hear it.







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