Ten Years Ago Today…

Posted on March 26, 2013


Ten years ago on this day my father died.

And for the first time in nine years I forgot.

Papaw and Me - 1973

Papaw and Me – 1973

He wasn’t my biological father but he was my legal father. He was my grandfather and he adopted me when I was 7 years old.

I never called him dad (that was reserved for my step-dad), I called him papaw. But he was my father. I never knew my biological father but I was blessed with two great dads. My grandfather James and my step-father Glenn Brown. Glenn died in ’06, also in March.

March is a weird month for me, I buried my two dads in March but I also celebrate my daughter’s birthday and my own too during the third month of the year.

I was working two jobs ten years ago today, my daytime ‘real’ job was production director at local radio group, I wrote, produced and assigned radio commercials and in between I prerecorded two, 6-hour air shows on different radio stations. My nighttime gig was spinning CD’s and emceeing shows at a strip club for cash.

Because of that nighttime gig, I was home sick from my day job on March 26th 2003, my voice was shot from overuse and I could barely talk. I was sound asleep when my phone rang with the news. I rushed to the nursing home where James C Sliger spent the last six weeks of his life, the last place I saw my father alive, the first place I saw him dead.

Every year I remembered, the first was the worst and each and every anniversary hurt a little less. But I always remembered, I always took a moment to… I almost said reflect, but that’s just a $10 word. Truth is, I took several minutes to be sad and feel sorry for myself and miss my father.

Every year. Until this year.

It never crossed my mind till 2:55 this afternoon when my mother sent me a text: ‘Did you know daddy has been in Heaven 10 years today?’

I had forgotten but I remember now.

Miss ya Papaw






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