How Bobby Jindal & Joel Robideaux Are Working Hard For Louisiana’s Rich

Posted on April 2, 2013


$23,853 – According to the United States Census that’s what your average Louisianian makes every year.

Yours truly, I’m below average, I make about $21,000 a year.

After I read this – “Recently, we are starting to hear from constituents that would benefit from the package. When you get 2,000 emails from folks in your district that go to work and they realize ‘Wait a second, I’m going to save $1,200 if we repeal the income tax, and that may cost me a few hundred’ then it becomes a little bit more difficult for legislators to just say ‘Well, this isn’t good because look at all the negative opposition”. – Chairman of the La. House Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Joel Robideaux (R) – I decided to run some numbers.

Now, let me be clear, I’m a terrible @ math.

I never understood algebra and geometry is about as clear as Latin to this product of the Louisiana public education system. But I have an equalizer; an adding machine.

According to my most recent pay-stub, I pay around $24 dollars a month in Louisiana income tax, roughly $288 per year. I’m married and have a minor child (according to my W-2) and I make around $2,800 less than your average Louisiana citizen so let’s say those average La. Joes and Janes are paying $400 a year in taxes. $120 more is probably too much but it’ll serve my purpose here.

Who are these people emailing Rep. Joel Robideaux (R)?

Whoever they are, they’re making a helluva lot more than your average Louisiana citizen.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s tax scheme is just another GOP giveaway for the rich.

Yes, I’ll get almost $300 more a year in my paycheck. That won’t come close to covering the price increase of almost EVERYTHING. 

Almost EVERYTHING folks. If the Guv gets his way – Louisiana will be paying the highest sales tax rates in the nation, the price of a haircut, cable TV, a movie ticket, what you pay to get your lawn mowed, the price will increase.

For those with an income high enough to pay $1200 a year in state income taxes this will be great news.

For the rest of us average folks, the people making $23,853 a year?

I’m a Delta Ouachita Vo-Tech grad and as I’ve confessed I’m terrible with math – so I could be wrong – but according to my calculations; we’re getting screwed.

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