Dear The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,

Posted on April 4, 2013


I love you guys.

Seriously I have been a fan since The Daily Show debuted last millennium – July 21, 1996. I’ve been a political/news junkie since I was a little boy, long before I worked in the news media, also I like to laugh quite a bit, so your program quickly became my favorite show, still is today.

I get a little depressed when you guys are off and can I just say, you folks take off a lot, seems like every other week, The Daily Show is taking another week off. Must be a gravy gig, do all employees come back with a glowing tan like host Jon Stewart? Every time Jon comes back from his bi-monthly vacation he looks like the son of bronze Hollywood legend George Hamilton. Well, George’s younger brother at least.

So I love you guys, really.

But the Bobby Jindal bit that wrapped up your first segment on Wednesday’s show missed the mark. Big time.

Jon infers that my governor has seen his approval ratings drop like a stone because of his ‘we can’t be the stupid party’ soundbite.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has seen his ratings tank because he has gutted our public education and healthcare systems, he has expanded and (Praise Reagan!) privatized a draconian prison system that is nothing less than modern day slavery – all while passing out tax cuts to our state’s wealthiest families and corporations.

And that wasn’t enough. Now he wants to abolish Louisiana’s personal income tax system, effectively raising taxes on the majority of the folks who elected him (and people like me who didn’t). If Jindal gets his way, Louisiana citizens will pay the highest sales tax rates in America.

Let that sink in for a moment…

That’s why his approval ratings are lower than President Obama’s in his VERY-RED home state. It’s not fallout, or disapproval of his (wildly hypocritical) ‘stop being the stupid party’ quote. It’s not even disapproval for his constant out-of-state campaign appearances or because he seemed to turn on a dime against Mitt Romney after spending so much time sucking up to the 2012 GOP nominee hoping for the VP slot that eventually went to Ayn Rand-o-phile Paul Ryan.

Bobby Jindal’s ratings are going down like Lindsay Lohan on a coke dealer not because he is another Joe Scarborough or Chuck Hagel. In fact, Governor Jindal is more a skinny, brown-skinned, polite version of Rush Limbaugh.

It’s not because he can call out his party’s ‘legitimate rape’ enthusiast or the “Obama is an African/Moo-slim’ gang, it’s because even the hardest of the hard right-wingers in Louisiana are beginning to realize that Bobby Jindal’s White House hopes are very bad for the Bayou State.

So The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, I love you guys OK, but you missed the mark by a country mile on Bobby Jindal.


Griffin Scott,

West Monroe, Louisiana (Yes, I’m from the same town as those Duck Dynasty dudes)

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