Doo, Doo, Doo, Looking Out My Car Door

Posted on April 18, 2013



I found a shiny dime!

Broken car window helps yours truly discover a way to supplement my income!

Have you ever opened your car door at a drive-thru?

Of course not, why would you do that? 

Gum, old soft drink residue (gotta pour out last Tuesday’s Mega-Monster Gulp before you can replace it with another barrel o’ corn-syrup), oil stains from a million and one clunkers and a million and one cigarette butts, and almost as many ketchup packs, that’s what you’d see if you took a gander at the ground when you stop at a drive-thru window.

And money!

Not much, lots of pennies and dimes and nickels and even the occasional quarter, but real US minted currency none the less.

A few months ago the electric driver’s side window of my wife’s mini van died. One day a push of the button rolled the window down, the next it refused to move an inch, thank goodness it was in the upright position when it kicked the bucket.

My trusty ole pick ’em up truck has the same problem, a dead electric driver’s side window. Well, sorta, it works 25-40% of the time. I can push the button for weeks and it won’t budge. Then one day it will, no warning, no rhyme, no reason, suddenly the window will just slide down pretty as you please.

When you combine my driver’s side window ails in not one, but two vehicles, with my love of fast, cheap food then you see how I learned to supplement my income with drive-thru change!

See that dime? Financial Freedom Baby!

See that dime? Financial Freedom Baby!

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