What Explosion?

Posted on April 23, 2013


Last week Americans in Massachusetts and Texas died as the result of explosions.

In Boston, Massachusetts two terrorist bombs were to blame.

In West, Texas, a neglectful fertilizer company and an apathetic federal government are the culprits.

Boston – 3 people died, 130 were injured.

West – 14 people died, 160 were injured.

The physical damage in Boston has been cleaned up, the FBI released the streets affected, the scene of the crime, seven days after the two bombs ripped through crowds watching the Boston Marathon.

The explosion at West, Texas (by the way, the name of the town is West, but it’s actually located in central Texas, fifteen miles outside of Waco, less than hundred miles from Dallas) nearly destroyed the small town.

Two brothers have been arrested for the Boston bombing, one of the alleged terrorist died in a battle with police, the other is recovering in a Boston hospital and will be tried for his horrific crimes.

No one has been arrested in the West, TX fertilizer explosion.

It’s unlikely anyone will be held responsible because the plant hasn’t been inspected in almost 28 years.

Why is this important? Because federal regulations forbid fertilizer plants like the one that used to be in West, from storing more than a prescribed, a legal amount, of highly explosive ammonium nitrate.

The West Texas Fertilizer Company was storing one thousand, three hundred and fifty (1,350) times more ammonium nitrate than legally allowed.

But that’s not all this company stands accused of, the fertilizer plant did not have sprinklers, shut-off valves, fire alarms or legally required blast walls, all of which could have prevented the catastrophic damage done.

So why does the Boston Bombing dominate the news while the explosion in West Texas seem to be fading from the headlines?

One possible answer; the Boston bombs were deliberate acts of terrorism while the West explosion was allegedly an accident.

But when does obvious neglect, from the fertilizer plant’s incredible lack of even the most basic safeguards, to the Occupational Safety & Hazard Administration schedule that has them inspecting plants like the West Texas Fertilizer Company every THIRTY YEARS, become criminal?

Because if we can catch the villains responsible for this horror:


Then surely we can find out who is responsible for this horror:

<> on April 18, 2013 in West, Texas.





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