A Louisiana Redneck in King Neptune’s Court

Posted on April 28, 2013


So I’m going on a cruise.

A 7-day Carnival Cruise that leaves New Orleans, traverses the Gulf before entering the warm waters of the Caribbean, then stops in Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel before returning to the Big Easy.

Now I know what you’re thinking; how does this broke bozo, the guy who goes to the charity hospital, this 47%er, going on a cruise?

Simple, my wife’s grandparents are paying for it. I couldn’t afford a cruise if the ship was in my bathtub.

But thanks to my wife’s maternal grandmother Louise and step-grandfather Chuck, I’m on my way.

Literally, I’m penning this blog on my phone in the backseat of their Lincoln. We’ve crossed into Mississippi at noon today, we should make New Orleans round 4 if the traffic is good. Typing in the car on a phone is hard, think I might try to nap.

15 minutes later: napping in a car is tougher than typing on a phone. Especially when sharing a backseat with a wife who gets carsick and a bored 4 year old.

We made it. One visit to the French Quarter, one shrimp Po-Boy and several Abitas later, we are in New Orleans.

Well kinda, we stayed in Metairie, our cruise just happened to depart the Big Easy the same week Jazz Fest starts.

So I’m out for a while friends, on vacation.

Remember my merry band of travelers in your prayers, no Internet access so… See you in 7 days!


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