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Posted on May 8, 2013


My truck quit on me yesterday afternoon.

I was on my way back to work after lunch, crossing the Ouachita river on the interstate bridge when my 93 Chevy Pickup sputtered and coughed a few times like a phlegm-y old man, then died.

Luckily I was close to the exit and safely coasted the old soldier off the interstate highway and into the turnaround of a medical office in downtown Monroe.

The truck wouldn’t start again, just turned over and over and over, like it was flooded or outta gas.

That is the extent of my mechanical expertise, I’ve just never been good with stuff like that, you know, the basic ‘man’ stuff.

It’s been a lifelong source of shame but at the age of 43 I’ve finally embraced my ineptitude; car engines, plumbing, carpentry, electrical, putting together IKEA furniture, these essential skills will forever elude me.

So, hoping, wishing, not quite praying, figured the Almighty got me safely off an interstate highway bridge, I’d try to extricate myself from this mess on my own devices before asking for further divine assistance – I sat there hoping maybe, just maybe, this was an temporary aberration.

So I sent my boss a text and waited to see if my truck could heal itself after a brief respite. 

Ten Minutes Later: chug, chug, chug, sputter… pfft. *heavy sigh

Twenty Minutes Later: chug, chug, chug, sputter… pfft. *mild epithet

Thirty Minutes Later: chug, chug, chug, sputter… pfft. *RAGING CURSES

So there I sat, no mechanical skills so I’ve no idea why my Chevy has suddenly stopped but… I do have certain skills, I’m not totally helpless.

Combining the video camera and internet access provided by my (prepaid) smart phone, presentation skills honed after decades of radio and TV experience with a natural lack of pride and inability to feel shame, I begged.

And my Facebook friends heard my plea.

The first to show up was pal Sammy, he kept me company as my other friend Jeremy made his way to my location. Sammy is a good dude, works all year putting bicycles together for poor kids every Christmas, he donates his time and talents in the form of free haircuts at a local battered woman’s shelter. You should check him out, he is the owner of John Samuel’s Hair Salon –  https://www.facebook.com/johnsamuelshairsalon

Jeremy is a friend I met thru the Whipping Boy Show about 7 years ago, He is a big old bear of a guy and the kind of fella who’d give you the shirt off his back. Lucky for me Jeremy is also a very responsible individual with sound mechanical instincts and an AT&T provided towing insurance policy.

Yes, AT&T, I never heard of such, but it was real enough because Jeremy, my guardian angel, made a quick call and minutes later a nice man named William showed up in a Bear’s Tow truck to haul my ailing pick-em-up truck to my house.

Thanks Jeremy, you’re a real pal.

He wouldn’t let me pay him for his gracious assistance but he did allow me to buy him a few beers at Enoch’s Pub.

We’re gonna do it again soon (drink at Enoch’s, not tow my broken down truck).

Enoch's Irish Pub with my friend Jeremy

Enoch’s Irish Pub with my friend Jeremy


http://www.facebook.com/griffinscott3Videos of mine and Jeremy’s truck adventure here!




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