Debunking A Duck Dynasty Myth

Posted on May 10, 2013


Lies my internet told me…

A Facebook post I’ve seen about forty-seven thousand times this week starts like this:

The P.O.S. Liberals and Atheists are giving A&E a lot of problems because of Duck Dynasty family dinner PRAYER

And also because some people are so incredibly gullible they’ll believe anything.

They want that part taken off the air.

Except they don’t, in fact, there is no ‘they’ at all. It’s just another baseless internet rumor that one person sees and re-posts.

And then another person re posts and so on and so on and so on… and before the water gets hot, before the paint dries, before the gossip’s shirttail taps his or her hind-quarters, something that some lying jag-off pulled from his or her buttocks has been repeated over and over as gospel truth and made it’s way around the world and 1/2 way back again.

Well A&E went to PHIL and ask if they would not do that again. Phil told them if we cant pray to God on the show, we will not do the show.

No, they didn’t. A&E did no such thing.

But don’t take my word for it –

Still believe it? Then don't take this personally, but maybe it's you.

Still believe it? Then don’t take this personally, but maybe it’s you.

That’s social media in the modern age.

Truth means nothing, emotion is everything, how does ___ make you feel? Extra points for outrage!

Well A&E do you want the #1 show on TV or you gonna cave in to those P.O.S. Liberals and Atheists. I’m sure another channel will pick them up. GOD – FAMILY – COUNTRY – TEA PARTY – AND GUNS

This is my favorite part, as if the A&E Network, and the rest of the dreaded and feared (and completely fictional) ‘Hollywood liberal elites’ hate Christians and Christianity so very much, they’ll drop one of the biggest reality shows on TV today.

Just say ‘no thanks’, to millions in advertising $ because praying on TV is so offensive to the P.O.S. Liberals and Atheists.

(Just so you know, calling someone a piece of sh@t, even in acronym, ain’t very Christ-like.)

This fiction being blasted and repeated across social media reminds me of this picture, a favorite of the wannabe martyrs on my Facebook feed –

Who said what Tebow was doing was wrong? Where was it said? When?

Who said what Tebow was doing was wrong? Where was it said? When?

I was fascinated by this when I saw it last year. Who said ‘Tebowing’ was wrong? I researched and found a few articles on left-leaning websites that took issue with it but c’mon, that constitutes ‘wrong’?

And none of the articles I found took issue with Tim Tebow’s public expressions of faith, they simply asked why other public displays of faith as expressed by other religions weren’t as widely accepted in this supposedly secular nation?

But why let facts get in the way of some good old fashioned righteous rage…

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