I Stole A Quote

Posted on May 20, 2013


Make it quote #1

Make it quote #1

It wasn’t intentional.

I just ran outta space on Twitter, it’s only 140 characters ya know. It was a Jim Morrison quote; ‘I see myself as an intelligent, sensitive human, with the soul of a clown which forces me to blow it at the most important moments’.

I re post quotes occasionally but I always credit the author. This time however I didn’t credit poor Jim Morrison, I tried to but there was no room left in the twit box. I could have put a JM there and almost did, but then what if someone confused those initials for someone else?

What if Jim Morrison’s quote was mistakenly credited to Jim McMahon? Or John Malcovich or Jayne Mansfield? Egad, someone might think that quote belonged to John Mayer!

But I really loved the quote, I wanted to share on Twitter, was that so wrong? It must cause it’s put a burr under my saddle, forcing me to confess my plagiarist-y crime.

I righted my wrong on Facebook, in the comment section right under the post I wrote –  ‘Jim Morrison said that, but I could have’, but I didn’t confess my sin on Twitter, the scene of my copycat crime.

Quotes from famous folks have become kinda dicey in this day and age. Quotes are big business, a google search for ‘Quotes’ reveals a glut; there’s http://www.brainyquotes.com, quotegarden, smartquotes dot com, and cute-quotes and quotationspage dot com.

And those are just the websites with quote in the name. There’s are several Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages devoted to the subject. Then there’s refdesk, thinkexist and bartleby dot com which bills itself as ‘Quotes for All Occasions!’.

Considering how many ‘quote’ sites exist, of the jillions coating the internet, you gotta wonder, could they all be real? Turns out, no, they can’t, just ask Mark Twain or Martin Luther King Jr. According to the internet (who else), those two famous (and very deceased) gentlemen are the most misquoted folks on the world wide web.

They’re hardly the only ones, living or dead though. JFK (dead), Neil deGrasse Tyson (alive), Ben Franklin (dead), Sarah Palin (brain-dead, but technically alive), all have been attributed quotes that they never actually said. There is even a great Snopes article devoted to a fake Nelson Mandela quote. 

So I apologize if I added to the confusion.

Just don’t quote me on it…






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