Me & Tim McGraw

Posted on May 23, 2013


I met Tim McGraw when we both attended a small (now closed) private school called Monroe Christian in 1982.

His name wasn’t Tim McGraw though, in those days he was known as Tim Smith.

Tim is three years older than me, but since Monroe Christian was a very small school, less than 100 students total, we’re talking kindergartners to seniors, and since we both played sports (Tim really well – me, not so much), I spent a lot of time around the future superstar.

Not that we were friends, but Tim and I were cordial.

He had every ‘right’ to be a jerk, he was handsome, he was athletic, a real chick magnet as I recall, but the guy I remember was actually pretty nice.

Once, our little football team traveled to Mississippi for a game, it was an overnight trip and that made it pretty exciting for 13 year old me.

We stayed in a motel and Tim was one of my room mates, he ordered a Domino’s pizza and shared some with me.

It was thrilling, I know how sad that sounds but it’s true.

I was never one of the cool kids, but that night, for just a little while, munching on a pepperoni, sitting cross-legged on a Motel 6 bed on the coast of Mississippi with a future superstar, I understood what it felt like to be in with the in-crowd.

I don’t remember what we talked about, or even if we talked at all. I just remembered having a good time and feeling accepted, just one of the boys.

I never saw Tim Smith after I left Monroe Christian at the end of 8th grade.

I learned about his name change and new-found fame a few months after his first hit, Indian Outlaw twenty-two years later.

I was walking through a Wal-Mart when I ran another classmate from those long-ago days at Monroe Christian.

We did the usual catch-up thing, families, jobs, the general state of our lives, etc, we’d almost wrapped up that particular ritual, back to our regularly scheduled lives, when he says:

“Damn, how bout that Tim Smith huh?”

Me: “What about him?

“Man, don’t you know? Tim Smith is Tim Mcgraw!”

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