You Love Me, You Really Love Me!

Posted on June 19, 2013


you like me

In the summer of 2011, almost two years after I was fired by Nexstar Broadcasting for a post on my personal Facebook page, my family and I were shopping in a local grocery store when a elderly gentlemen stopped us.

I was standing in an aisle with canned goods, trying to decide on Food Club black-eyed peas with or without jalapenos, when this old fellow walked up to me and offered his hand.

“I sure do miss seein’ you on TV. I just wanted to tell you that”.

My eyes got misty, I felt a lump in my throat, “Thank you sir, thank you so much”, I stammered.

He gave my hand one last squeeze, turned and walked away. I never even asked for his name, something I’ll regret till my dying day.

In September 2009, after my story aired on CBS affiliates nation-wide and following my appearance on FOX & Friends, letters of support and encouragement came in from all over the world, the U.K., Canada, Australia.

I’ve even been fortunate to make faraway friends, my pal Ed is a weatherman in Chicago, Micheal wrote two stories about me in Denver, In the 3 years and 8 months since Nexstar Broadcasting fired me, effectively destroying my career in my hometown, I’ve corresponded with news people and regular folks alike.

But the kind words from my fellow northeast Louisianians are what’s kept me going since August 19 2009. When my wife and I can’t pay our rent, when my utilities are shut off, when I drag in a wheelbarrow full of medical bills from the mailbox, when I’m forced to pawn my valuables for food, that’s when the ‘atta-boys’, the ‘hang in there pal’, the ‘keep your chin up’ and other words of encouragement, absolutely mean the most.

Thank you for sharing my story, please don’t stop.

Every like, every share, every kind word, every little bit gets us one day closer to our day in court with media giant Nexstar Broadcasting.

Please join our fight, please help.

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