Defending & Bashing Paula Deen – Originally Published 1/12/12

Posted on June 26, 2013


I’d be up the proverbial creek without a paddle if someone tried to cherry-pick statements made across the course of my entire life, to judge me based on something I said years ago.

For that reason, I empathize with Paula Deen.

I don’t agree with her views but who hasn’t said something they’d like to take back later?

Happens to me almost daily in fact…

But why should Paula Deen be destroyed, have her career ripped away – for using the N-word, while Louis CK is celebrated for it?

So yeah, I guess, in a way, I’m defending Paula Deen.

But I think she is vile, an awful person, a woman without a shred of a conscience, a dangerous person who has intentionally, deliberately and for personal gain, harmed her fans.

And the reasons I find Paula Deen reprehensible, have nothing to do with her views on race.

Originally published January 12, 2012:

The so-called Queen of Comfort Food, Paula Deen announced she had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Three years ago.

After securing an endorsement deal with a pharmaceutical company to hawk their new diabetes medicine, Deen decided to let her fans in on the secret.

“I was determined to share my positive approach and not let diabetes stand in the way of enjoying my life,” Deen said in her announcement.

So while she has been promoting a gluttonous lifestyle with a TV show and cookbooks packed with butter drenched, deep fried foods like Paula’s Lady’s Brunch Burger, which replaces a hamburger bun with two doughnuts, well, now Paula is ready to help all us fat folks out with our diabetes.  

How nice.

Last year Anthony Bourdain was labeled ‘hateful’ and ‘jealous of Deen’s success’ when he called her “the worst, most dangerous person to America.”

Today, according to Eater Magazine, Bourdain sounded off about her unhealthy cooking despite her diagnosis “It’s in bad taste if nothing else. How long has she known?”.

Long enough to get the best medical care a famous TV personality can afford while lining up a lucrative endorsement deal AND making sure there were lots of new customers for her diabetes medicine because Paula Deen’s recipes cause diabetes!

In other words, long enough to cash in on her unhealthy habits and pass those habits on to her unsuspecting fans for THREE YEARS!

So that’s why I thought Paula Deen was a villain long before her views on race were made public.

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