Four Years Ago Today…

Posted on August 19, 2013



The beginning of the end of my professional career started with a phone call four years ago today.

Wednesday August 19 2009 started like any other day, I’d been up for a few hours, had a few cups of coffee and a few Marlboro Lights (this was before I quit in ’11), turned on the DVR recording of Morning Joe and generally enjoying the start of a routine weekday

Then the call came in.

I left my home an AP award winning television news anchor, I returned 30 minutes later, a member of America’s unemployed.

At first I was too busy to be depressed, as one of the first people to be fired for Facebook my phone was soon ringing off the hook with interview requests, less than a week after being fired – I appeared on FOX & Friends.

But soon enough the interview requests stopped coming…

Now here we are, four years after that fateful Wednesday, still hoping for justice, still fighting for our day in court.

Please help us. Thank you.

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