Miley Cyrus & the Military Industrial Complex

Posted on August 26, 2013


As brave Americans reeled in shock at the news of Ben Affleck as Batman, another national tragedy has rocked a grieving Red, White & Blue.

Achy-Breaky offspring Miley Cyrus cut America deep in her collective soul when she dryhumped the Thicke family scion, shaming the grand traditions of the MTV Music Awards.

Words cannot comfort this great nation at this terrible hour, instead, let us hold each other close and if you have children, hug them, love them.

Meanwhile, US Sec. of State and Droopy the Dog cosplayer John Kerry gave a speech that will serve as fluffer for the full-on boning we’re about to stick to Syria.

Another war in the Middle East. Syria, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq etc, etc…

But don’t think about that America, in fact, don’t think about it all, you just go back to worrying about Hannah Montana dry banging the real life Mike Seaver at the VMAs.

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