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Posted on October 16, 2013


One Look Is Worth A Thousand Words...

One Look Is Worth A Thousand Words…

I haven’t written much about politics lately.

I’ve been discouraged this year by my beloved democratic party, the way leftward leaning pols like Pelosi, Nelson, Menendez and the sitting president, suddenly started sounding like Darth Cheney, ‘Let’s Bomb Syria! Chemical Weapons! (Weapons of Mass Destruction?) Gasp & Egads! What about our CREDIBILITY?

Liberals for war.

For God’s sake, even Senator Al Franken. Yes, that AL FRANKEN, the guy Bill O’Reilly calls the 2nd coming of Satan/Hitler. Yes, that Al Franken, the standup comic, SNL alum, liberal I-flippin-Con, even he was advocating the US of A grab its guns, gas up the aircraft carrier, and go kick some ass in Syria.

My good friend and fellow liberal democrat Charles Kincade at an Anti-War Protest in Monroe 9/7/13

My good friend and fellow liberal democrat Charles Kincade at an Anti-War Protest in Monroe 9/7/13

I was so disgusted I almost left the Democratic party. I really did, I’d registered with the Donkeys the year I turned 18, voted Dukakis/Bentsen that November, haven’t pulled a lever for a candidate without a ‘D’ at the end of their name since.

But Syria was enough, it was the straw that almost broke the back of this particular jackass. Did we learn nothing from Iraq? Did Obama learn nothing from Libya? Evidently not, the war mongers were geared up, ready for action.

Then a funny thing happened. Just as bipartisanship for yet another Middle Eastern war was breaking out in DC, another type of bipartisanship was erupting between the coasts. And on the coasts for that matter. In every city, from NYC to LA, in every two-horse town, every hamlet, every burg, every village, we gathered together and we said NO! No more wars!

That’s how my friend Charles and I found ourselves shoulder to shoulder with conservative Republicans and Liberterians on a sunny Saturday last month. And bless my soul if it didn’t work. Obama didn’t bomb Syria and I cancelled my trip to the Registrar of Voters to change my party affiliation.

But I still haven’t written much about politics lately, its become slightly depressing, but that’s not the only reason. I’ve also been quite busy, my wife Amy and I are writing a book – Legendary Locals of Monroe, set to be published next summer plus, my employer was bought by another company recently, as a result I’ve been working longer hours.

So I haven’t had much time to blog and when I could spare a few minutes, I opted to write about something, heck anything, other than politics. I needed a break. Still do in fact.

But people are very… forward with me sometimes.

I respect it, even when it sticks in my craw because I know I have to take it – I put myself out there, with this blog, on Facebook and Twitter.

I’m a lot of things, but I try not be a hypocrite so I don’t complain and I’m not now when I relate the following: Recently a FB ‘friend’ asked me if I’d clammed up on my politics because of my crowd-funding efforts. If you don’t know the details of that, see this, Griffin Scott Fired for Facebook – http://www.gofundme.com/2z6e4c

The simple answer is no.

In fact, looking at the list of donors to our crowd-funding cause, I realize my friends from the right have actually been our biggest backers. ‘I disagree with your politics but I will stand with you.’ – That was Kevin Unter, a conservative political science professor when he gave us our biggest contribution to date – $250.00! He and liberal political prof Joshua Stockley had a weekly segment on my last news radio show, back in ’09. A Ouachita parish police juror, a Republican named Scotty Robinson, my good friend Ruth Ulrich, a former Republican National Committeewoman and conservative writer, prominent conservatives all, they’ve donated to our legal fund, joined our fight against Nexstar Broadcasting.

The truth is, most of my friends and family are registered Republicans and call themselves conservatives. My own dear mother thinks I’m a communist (I’m not) for heaven’s sake.

I haven’t stopped writing about politics because I’m soliciting help to fund my lawsuit. Considering the facts I just related to you, perhaps I should be writing more liberal rants, maybe repost some Bill Maher or Michael Moore opinion pieces.

But I can’t, I’m tired of having the same old arguments I’ve been having my entire life. I’m worn down from the vitriol that scrolls across my Facebook and Twitter feed all day, virtual arguments with friends and strangers alike over taxes and welfare and Iraq and Benghazi and terror mosques and the war on Christmas and birth control and Westboro and which side supports the troops more and DOMA and NDAA and Guantanamo and on and on and on… Worn. Down.

Then I saw a picture of a guy waving a giant Confederate flag outside the White House gates this past Sunday.

And this picture –

The White House fence, this past Sunday...  Wonder what this guy and his friends would have done had they succeeded in scaling the fence?

The White House fence, this past Sunday… Wonder what this guy and his friends would have done had they succeeded in scaling the fence?

I understand people are upset, times are tough, most of us struggle just to get by paycheck to paycheck. We’re a nation that’s been at war for 12 years, emerging from the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression. The jobs that powered our middle class the past 60 years, factory jobs, good paying jobs, jobs that enabled high school graduates to make a living wage, raise a family, live the American Dream, those jobs are gone. To Mexico, Asia, any country really, just as long as no labor unions or a minimum wage was involved. Times are damn tough.

But are they this bad America? –

A protest? Or a faux lynch mob?

A protest? Or a faux lynch mob?

I say they’re not. But don’t take my word for it. Look at the stories of thousands who die every year trying to make it to America. Thousands of illegal immigrants perish in the desert, some from the elements, others the victim of human smugglers, so-called coyotes.

Just this morning, Wednesday October 16th 2013, just a few hours before I typed these words, four women, illegal immigrants from Jamaica and Haiti, died in the waters off the coast of Florida when the boat taking them to the US sank.

They drowned within sight of the country they were trying to reach. Your country. Imagine them for a moment, tossed from their boat into the dark and cold ocean, terrified as the salt water filled their lungs until they died, then tossed in the waves till the Coast Guard pulled their lifeless bodies from the sea.

Those four women, who died this very morning, they were the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to be free. And they died within sight of our golden shore.

Remember them, and countless others who weren’t fortunate enough to be born American. Remember that THOUSANDS of people risk and often lose their lives trying to reach this nation.

That simple fact seems so at odds when you realize that today, so many of mine and your fellow Americans, seem willing, indeed eager, to tear the United States of America apart.


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