Who Turned off the Sun?

Posted on January 4, 2015


‘Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy…’ – John Denver

The weather in the waning days of 2014 and the beginning of this brand-new year has sucked the life right out of me. Seriously, it feels like the rain and grey skies have become vampires, only instead of blood, these vampires drain energy, the will to do, well, anything at all beyond the most basic bodily functions.

Mental health professionals call it S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and point to biological reasons for rainy day depression. $10 words and terms like melatonin, circadian rhythm, hypersomnia and (my personal favorite) selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are used. Simply, the absence of sunlight is bad for us humans. We get cranky, we sleep too much or too little, we become grouchy, angry little storm clouds ourselves, raining our bad mood down on everyone within our personal horizon.

That’s what I’ve been like for the last week; a surly and sluggish old thunderhead slowly roiling through the days and all because I’ve got the S.A.D.s… I know, I’m embarrassed for me too. But it’s true; the constant thump of rain overhead, the moisture heavy in the air, all the mud and sloppy footprints, the swish-swish of windshield wipers, there is no denying it, the holiday monsoon season has seriously affected me, a little personal disorder if you will.

But thankfully, on this 4th day of 2015 it appears that the weather, and subsequently my mood, has finally broken. As I bang away at the keyboard this Sunday morning the sun has been shining sporadically and a few glimpses of blue sky can be seen through the blanket of clouds that’s covered Ouachita parish since Christmas Eve. It’s (no pun intended) heavenly, a feeling of renewal as rays of sunlight, hidden away for days behind a curtain of grey, are seeping into my pores.

The late John Denver once sang, ‘Sunshine almost always makes me high’, about the star we orbit and on this first Sunday of the new year, that lyric makes perfect sense.


And next time it’s raining (or even when it’s sunny), may I suggest a good book?
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