A Few Monday Musings

Posted on August 23, 2015


Melina and her old grand-pappy!

Melina and her old grand-pappy!

First, the BIG NEWS- I am a grandfather! My daughter Taylor gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last Friday, Melina Vess Marie Ferguson entered the world at 12:07PM weighing in at 8 LBS & 10 OZs. She promptly stole our hearts. And I’m filled with pride watching my daughter, she is already a fantastic mother. Looking at my grandchild’s face makes me feel hopeful for the future and even a little envious at the wonders she’ll no doubt witness in her lifetime.

The new Walking Dead series is way to 90210’ish for me. But it was only the pilot episode, so the missus and I will be back for a second helping next Sunday. Hopefully it gets a little more exciting and a little less teen angst-y soon. The real deal (TWD) is back on October 11th though!

Minis are not children. They can be characters in Austin Powers movies, several extremely cute dog breeds, Coopers or fridges. They are not your children. Offspring, progeny, fruit of my loins are acceptable but minis, no thanks.

You ever wonder if Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party are just different sides of of the same coin? Every election we are angrier and ready to throw the bums out! And we replace them with other idiots that we’re just as sick of 2, 4 or 8 years later.

Recently heard about a friend with a teenage child who wishes to be referred to as ‘they’ rather than he or she. At first I was confused by this but then I read this article from the Washington Post- When ‘they’ doesn’t identify as either male or female and I guess you could say I’ve since evolved. I loved the example the columnist makes about Ms. versus Mrs.. I reckon what a person wants to be called is their business.

Speaking of a person’s private business, while watching the sordid Ashley Madison hack story one can’t help but notice the gleeful manner some are taking in the ‘outing’ of alleged adulterers. ‘They got what they deserved’ and ‘If they hadn’t been cheating, they wouldn’t have a problem’ are common across my social media feeds. Here I must admit, I looked over the list of locals who had their names, addresses, and other personal info stolen from the website. Afterwards I felt a little dirty and not in a good way, it was as if I’d read someone’s diary without their permission.

To Beard...

To Beard…

Or Not To Beard...

Or Not To Beard…

This morning a hairless face was staring back at me in the mirror after I shaved my goatee off for the first time in 3 years. No point in denying it, Melina is the reason. Well, the child of my firstborn was not the reason as much as my vanity at being old enough to be her grandfather. But my wife says I have to get my hair cut now, she says my eyebrows are too light. I think she is calling me a pie-face 😦

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