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Spit If You Like Alex Jones

April 17, 2013



Un-Chunking The Dixie Chicks

March 19, 2013


The Iraq War officially started on March 19th, 2003, the conflict that began ten years ago today was only one week old when my father died. On March 10th 2003 the Dixie Chicks, a wildly-popular Texas trio found themselves in the middle of a nightmare after lead singer Natalie Maines said to a London concert crowd, “We […]

From the Archives: My October 28 2004 Presidential Election Email

March 15, 2013


WARNING: Political opinion ahead! So back in the day, in the ancient past, the time before Facebook, before Reddit and Chrome, before Twitter and even preceding MySpace, we used mass emails to annoy our friends with goofy jokes, spread urban legends and express our political opinions. This is an email I sent to all the […]

My Alex Jones Interview

January 9, 2013


In late 2009, for a brief period I hosted a radio show on a local AM station in Monroe, Louisiana. The station added the Alex Jones radio show to its lineup and that’s how I wound up interviewing Alex Jones, the red-faced fella who had a firearm-induced epileptic seizure with Piers Morgan on Monday. In […]

An A-Hole Aspect of Capitalism

August 28, 2012


My boss kicked me off the radio on the afternoon of September 11 2001. It was around 3pm and I’d been on the air since 6 o’clock that dark and dreadful day. I was scheduled to finish my show at 10am as usual, but like most of America that day, my plans were shot to […]