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Brilliant Marketing: Bobby Jindal & Duck Dynasty

August 14, 2013


Wanna look behind the curtain? Politics is marketing in its purest form. This story is about politics and entertainment colluding for viewers and votes. It’s a tale of Hollywood (the A&E Network) teaming with good old fashioned Louisiana Politics. And why not, we (Louisiana) are totally hot right now; we’re on TV big time. HBO […]

Governor Jindal Takes Toys, Goes Home

May 9, 2013


Still smarting from several recent smack-downs: ‘JindalEd’ has been declared unconstitutional, losing the battle to drop the state’s income tax and facing approval ratings falling like a stone, Bobby J is regrouping by dropping the hammer on his base. Or at least threatening to drop the hammer in northeast Louisiana, the fiery crimson part of […]

August 1 2005

March 4, 2013


Back in the day your humble correspondent worked on the radio. This is the transcript of an on-air editorial from my tenure at KNOE AM 540, August 2005 – The New Orleans Saints kicked off their 38th NFL season this past Friday with training camp in Metairie.  The buzz is good this year with all […]

Smoke, Oil and Mirrors (How To Make A News Commercial)

January 29, 2013


I love oil in all it’s forms. I totally do, I love gas in my car, I love electricity, I love the petrochemicals in my plastic bottles and cups and utensils and of course in all my household electronics from TV to coffee maker. I love, love, LOVE the oil in my asphalt roads (who […]

The Bobby J & A.L.E.C. Agenda Steamrolls Louisiana…

January 11, 2013


Privatize public education, check. Privatize public health care by selling off the state’s charity hospitals (what’s left of them after 5 years of draconian budget cuts), check. Privatize the legal slavery prison system that puts a greater percentage of its citizens in jail than Iran or North Korea, check. Make sure Louisiana citizens can tote […]