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Admonishing Batman

September 23, 2014


Batman lives in my house. Not Bruce Wayne of DC Comic, Adam West/Micheal Keaton/Christian Bale/Ben Affleck fame (no disrespect George Clooney/Val Kilmer). No, this Batman is a dog, the son of my Chihuahua Coco. Let’s call it a youthful indiscretion on her part. I call it that because it sounds better than admitting the truth; […]

Facebook Big Brothers Marriage

November 20, 2012


My wife pointed out the creepiest thing on facebook to me. We are listed as married and a link to the others facebook page exists on our respective pages but… if you click the MARRIED link on our page you’re taken to another, completely different facebook page. It’s a really neat page, has all the […]

Stuck: ​I’ve Misplaced My Muse

April 2, 2012


I could write about politics but I don’t feel like it. I could write about the Trayvon Martin murder but its so damn depressing. I haven’t written a final blog on the last episode of this season’s The Walking Dead or another blog about Duck Dynasty… but the motivation escapes me. I could find a […]