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JindalCare – Don’t Take My Word For It…

May 15, 2013


I’ve been very fortunate when it comes to my little blog and I want to say thanks to everyone who has commented and messaged me. Some of my blogs about JindalCare have even been reposted on south Louisiana websites and across the Twitterverse, as a result I was contacted by someone who works at the […]

Notes on the EA Conway Public Meeting

May 14, 2013


I attended a public meeting concerning the fate of EA Conway Hospital last night. My own self interest led me to the Emily P Robinson recreation center in southern Monroe. You see, EA Conway is my doctor’s office, and the doctor’s office for thousands of people just like me across northeast Louisiana, we’re the working […]

JindalCare Update & David V Barack

March 8, 2013


From KNOE dot com – Louisiana Senator David Vitter has introduced several pieces of new legislation, and in one of them, he is ready to go toe-to-toe with President Obama. Vitter, along with Texas Senator Ted Cruz, will call for a complete repeal of the medical mandates passed three years ago. I have to wonder, […]

Charity Hospitals and Starbucks Coffee

January 25, 2013


The dismantling of Louisiana’s charity hospital system is nearly complete. In a deal rushed by Governor Jindal and his allies, 7 of the Bayou State’s 10 charity hospitals are being signed over to private hospitals. Those 7 are below Interstate 10, the 3 hospitals ‘up north’ including E.A. Conway in Monroe, are on Governor Jindal’s […]

The Pawnable Price Index

January 16, 2013


There are lots of methods to measure economic status: CPI – Consumer Price Index, GDP – Gross Domestic Product, MI – Misery Index, just to name a few. The WP – working poor, have their own way to measure economic status, the PPI – the Pawnable Price Index. When your family lives paycheck-to-paycheck, having something […]

My Alex Jones Interview

January 9, 2013


In late 2009, for a brief period I hosted a radio show on a local AM station in Monroe, Louisiana. The station added the Alex Jones radio show to its lineup and that’s how I wound up interviewing Alex Jones, the red-faced fella who had a firearm-induced epileptic seizure with Piers Morgan on Monday. In […]