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Un-Chunking The Dixie Chicks

March 19, 2013


The Iraq War officially started on March 19th, 2003, the conflict that began ten years ago today was only one week old when my father died. On March 10th 2003 the Dixie Chicks, a wildly-popular Texas trio found themselves in the middle of a nightmare after lead singer Natalie Maines said to a London concert crowd, “We […]

From the Archives: My October 28 2004 Presidential Election Email

March 15, 2013


WARNING: Political opinion ahead! So back in the day, in the ancient past, the time before Facebook, before Reddit and Chrome, before Twitter and even preceding MySpace, we used mass emails to annoy our friends with goofy jokes, spread urban legends and express our political opinions. This is an email I sent to all the […]

Homeland Insecurity

October 17, 2012


FBI agents pretending to be terrorist: ‘Hey, wanna blow up some stuff and kill some Americans’? Would be terrorist: ‘Sure, I’d love to! What should I do’? FBI agents pretending to be terrorist: ‘Here is 50 pounds of explosives, enjoy’! Would be terrorist: ‘Gee, thanks!’ FBI agents NOT pretending to be terrorist: ‘You’re under arrest […]

American Cowards

September 5, 2012


“Say, remember when we had 2 wars going on?” “Gosh yeah, seems like yesterday don’t it?” “Yep, wonder how it all worked out…” Its an imaginary conversation but doesn’t it ring true, remember the rallies, the yellow ribbons, the cries of ‘SUPPORT THE TROOPS’? Seem pretty hollow today though… Not because Americans aren’t fighting or […]

Why Ronald Reagan Seems So Awesome

August 22, 2012


His competition. That’s why. Lets run the recent roster shall we? There was the first George Bush, a one term POTUS who invited us to ‘read his lips’, puked on the Japanese prime minister and was simply amazed by the cutting edge technology of supermarket scanners. Then there was Bill Clinton. Contrast the economic prosperity, […]

Dancing With The Stars in Fallujah

August 15, 2012


Nothing else proclaims ‘we support the troops’ quite like watching Nick Lachey and Todd Palin play soldier does it? When you’re working on your 4th or 5th tour of duty in Afghanistan, if you’re shaking spiders and sand outta your boots in Iraq, maybe serving on a naval vessel in the Straight of Hormuz, peeling […]

Clarifying A Few Things

April 9, 2012


1) Gas Prices Bush VS Obama: The reason the so-called liberal media and Democrats aren’t blaming President Obama for gas prices is quite simple; oil was $35 a barrel in March 2003 when the Iraq War began. It skyrocketed for years (until the global economy collapsed in 2008 and the Great Recession began) and oil […]