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From the Archives: My October 28 2004 Presidential Election Email

March 15, 2013


WARNING: Political opinion ahead! So back in the day, in the ancient past, the time before Facebook, before Reddit and Chrome, before Twitter and even preceding MySpace, we used mass emails to annoy our friends with goofy jokes, spread urban legends and express our political opinions. This is an email I sent to all the […]

Dear John Q Military, We Need To Talk…

February 6, 2013


America has some bad news for you, I think we need to take a break. Now wait, just listen please, it’s us, it’s not you. You’re great, we’ve sent you off to fight for God, freedom, apple pie and oil companies and defense contractors and you never complained, you just went back for deployment after […]

Waiting For Richard Engel

December 17, 2012


NBC reporter Richard Engel is missing in Syria. According to several reports Engel, and Turkish journalist Aziz Akyavaş  went missing Thursday 12/13 – but NBC News kept it quiet for several days before the story finally broke this morning. The reasons behind the secrecy have yet to be revealed and several prominent journalists are blasting […]

Never Forget My A$$…

September 11, 2012


As I peruse social media on this eleventh anniversary of  9/11 I can’t help but notice posts like this one choking my feed – And these – America, you’re lying. When the incumbent president mentions Afghanistan twice, literally, two short sentences on America’s LONGEST WAR – in his convention acceptance speech, then the GOP candidate […]

American Cowards

September 5, 2012


“Say, remember when we had 2 wars going on?” “Gosh yeah, seems like yesterday don’t it?” “Yep, wonder how it all worked out…” Its an imaginary conversation but doesn’t it ring true, remember the rallies, the yellow ribbons, the cries of ‘SUPPORT THE TROOPS’? Seem pretty hollow today though… Not because Americans aren’t fighting or […]