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Dear The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,

April 4, 2013


I love you guys. Seriously I have been a fan since The Daily Show debuted last millennium – July 21, 1996. I’ve been a political/news junkie since I was a little boy, long before I worked in the news media, also I like to laugh quite a bit, so your program quickly became my favorite […]

From the Archives: My October 28 2004 Presidential Election Email

March 15, 2013


WARNING: Political opinion ahead! So back in the day, in the ancient past, the time before Facebook, before Reddit and Chrome, before Twitter and even preceding MySpace, we used mass emails to annoy our friends with goofy jokes, spread urban legends and express our political opinions. This is an email I sent to all the […]

Rush Limbaugh & False Equivalencies

March 6, 2012


After listening to talk radio and reading a few conservative opinion pieces I’m seeing the plan to defend Rush Limbaugh’s verbal attack on Sandra Fluke unfold. In case you missed it, here is a little background: Last month Congress held a hearing about women’s health as it relates to contraception and refused to allow a […]

Rep. Allen West is like School in the Summertime

January 16, 2012


No class. Ever wonder what an arrogant grown up schoolyard bully looks like? Then check out Lieutenant Colonel Allen West (US Army, Retired) a US congressman from Florida. Let me be clear; I respect and am grateful for his service in uniform. Got it? I don’t respect statements like this: “Look, Debbie, I understand that […]