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Same Old, Same Old Superman

June 24, 2013


My son Lennon and I went to see Man of Steel, the latest silver-screen incarnation of Superman this weekend. My short review; it was fantastic. I loved it. I felt like a kid myself for 2&1/2 hours in that darkened theater, even though my own five year old son was sitting right next to me. […]

So Old People & Toddlers Are Crazy Huh?

February 20, 2013


I’ve been reminded of that recently, I’m in rehearsals for a play called *’Daddy’s Dying, Who’s Got The Will?’ and the family patriarch – Buford Turnover, ain’t just terminal he’s going crazy too. * You get that quite clearly in his first scene, his first lines are about ‘temptin redheads’, this in reply after […]

Quit playin so dang loud willya?

October 21, 2010


    Why are toys so dang loud? It seems like everything my son loves to play with needs a decibel safety rating. The latest things making me jump out of my skin; a toy police car and police helicopter. The sirens and lights on these toys make me feel as if life has become […]