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A Wee Little Bit O’ Politics

October 16, 2013


I haven’t written much about politics lately. I’ve been discouraged this year by my beloved democratic party, the way leftward leaning pols like Pelosi, Nelson, Menendez and the sitting president, suddenly started sounding like Darth Cheney, ‘Let’s Bomb Syria! Chemical Weapons! (Weapons of Mass Destruction?) Gasp & Egads! What about our CREDIBILITY? Liberals for war. […]

Miley Cyrus & the Military Industrial Complex

August 26, 2013


As brave Americans reeled in shock at the news of Ben Affleck as Batman, another national tragedy has rocked a grieving Red, White & Blue. Achy-Breaky offspring Miley Cyrus cut America deep in her collective soul when she dryhumped the Thicke family scion, shaming the grand traditions of the MTV Music Awards. Words cannot comfort […]

Dear John Q Military, We Need To Talk…

February 6, 2013


America has some bad news for you, I think we need to take a break. Now wait, just listen please, it’s us, it’s not you. You’re great, we’ve sent you off to fight for God, freedom, apple pie and oil companies and defense contractors and you never complained, you just went back for deployment after […]

Waiting For Richard Engel

December 17, 2012


NBC reporter Richard Engel is missing in Syria. According to several reports Engel, and Turkish journalist Aziz Akyavaş  went missing Thursday 12/13 – but NBC News kept it quiet for several days before the story finally broke this morning. The reasons behind the secrecy have yet to be revealed and several prominent journalists are blasting […]