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Smoke, Oil and Mirrors (How To Make A News Commercial)

January 29, 2013


I love oil in all it’s forms. I totally do, I love gas in my car, I love electricity, I love the petrochemicals in my plastic bottles and cups and utensils and of course in all my household electronics from TV to coffee maker. I love, love, LOVE the oil in my asphalt roads (who […]

The Pawnable Price Index

January 16, 2013


There are lots of methods to measure economic status: CPI – Consumer Price Index, GDP – Gross Domestic Product, MI – Misery Index, just to name a few. The WP – working poor, have their own way to measure economic status, the PPI – the Pawnable Price Index. When your family lives paycheck-to-paycheck, having something […]

R.I.P. Eugene J. Polley (Lazy Americans Salute You)

May 22, 2012


Sedentary humans, TV sets  and couch cushions across the globe are in mourning this week over the death of Eugene J Polley, the father of the remote control. This Great American, a hero to fat people everywhere, died Sunday at the age of 96. From MSNBC dot com: According to a press release put out […]