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On the Moon Griffon Show 12/27/13

December 28, 2013

0 Yesterday I appeared on the Moon Griffon Show to talk Duck Dynasty and my perspective on getting fired from a television job for something I said. Please give it a listen, I’m in the first two segments only but feel free of course to enjoy the entire two hour show. Thanks to my friend […]

Profit or Profess? Realities Collide When Duck Dynasty Meets GQ Magazine

December 26, 2013


Public relations manipulation. Last week I did a little random sampling of cable TV news shows as research into the biggest waterfowl-related scandal since Daffy and Donald were photographed topless in the August ’78 Outdoor Magazine, Duckgate, the Duck Dynasty/GQ story that only deaf/mute under-rock dwellers and Himalayan sherpas are unaware of at this point. […]

Brilliant Marketing: Bobby Jindal & Duck Dynasty

August 14, 2013


Wanna look behind the curtain? Politics is marketing in its purest form. This story is about politics and entertainment colluding for viewers and votes. It’s a tale of Hollywood (the A&E Network) teaming with good old fashioned Louisiana Politics. And why not, we (Louisiana) are totally hot right now; we’re on TV big time. HBO […]

A Lesson in Louisiana Politics

August 13, 2013


From the News Star dot com – Rumor: GOP recruiting Willie Robertson for Congress – You gotta love Louisiana politics… Brilliant! Kudos to the political consultant behind this. Willie Roberston isn’t running for Congress or anything else, he’s currently having too much fun being one of the most famous people on the planet. The […]

Debunking A Duck Dynasty Myth

May 10, 2013


Lies my internet told me… A Facebook post I’ve seen about forty-seven thousand times this week starts like this: The P.O.S. Liberals and Atheists are giving A&E a lot of problems because of Duck Dynasty family dinner PRAYER And also because some people are so incredibly gullible they’ll believe anything. They want that part taken […]

Governor Jindal Takes Toys, Goes Home

May 9, 2013


Still smarting from several recent smack-downs: ‘JindalEd’ has been declared unconstitutional, losing the battle to drop the state’s income tax and facing approval ratings falling like a stone, Bobby J is regrouping by dropping the hammer on his base. Or at least threatening to drop the hammer in northeast Louisiana, the fiery crimson part of […]

Restoration at the Park

April 23, 2013


Many, many moons ago when I wore younger man’s clothes, my friends and I used to hang out at Restoration Park in West Monroe. Well, it wasn’t Restoration Park then, it was just an out-of-the-way patch of woods off a seldom traveled service road running parallel to the interstate. Today it looks much different and […]