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Admonishing Batman

September 23, 2014


Batman lives in my house. Not Bruce Wayne of DC Comic, Adam West/Micheal Keaton/Christian Bale/Ben Affleck fame (no disrespect George Clooney/Val Kilmer). No, this Batman is a dog, the son of my Chihuahua Coco. Let’s call it a youthful indiscretion on her part. I call it that because it sounds better than admitting the truth; […]

Seven Kinds of Stupid

July 3, 2012


Today on Facebook I saw several friends re post this picture and accompanying text: When I first saw it I thought, ‘Ain’t social media awesome, good for that neighborhood, how lucky they are to have someone looking out for the kids! And then I read this: From the Facebook page for Ouachita Parish Sheriff”s Office: […]

The Scientistic Beaver Hunt

May 4, 2012


The Roberston clan battles beavers and Ms Kay sees her dream turn into a nightmare. “Baboom, boom, boom, boom! Kill ’em all”! – Phil Robertson Superman has Lex Luthor, Batman has the Joker, the Yankees have the Red Sox, LSU has Alabama. The Duck Dynasty family’s ultimate nemesis; beavers. Phil & Uncle Si notice the […]

Sauvignon Beard & Mallard Merlot

April 23, 2012


The Duck Dynasty family buys a winery and Uncle Si gets in touch with his feminine side. “Most of the rednecks I know think that wine only comes in a box, there’s way more varieties”. – Willie Robertson With that bold proclamation Willie Robertson, CEO of Duck Commander announces to the family that he’s purchased […]

NELA’s Moment in the Sun Spoiled

March 23, 2012


As Monday dawned, fortune and excellent timing seemed to favor us. NELA was all set for a banner week, GOP presidential contenders Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum were coming to stump in our backyard and the Duggar clan of reality TV’s ’19 Kids & Counting’ were planning on popping in to tout Santorum. Icing on […]